National Instruments NI PXI-562X User Manual

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Chapter 1

Taking Measurements with the NI PXI-562x

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NI PXI-562x User Manual

Operate this product only at or below the installation category stated in the
NI PXI-5620 Specifications and the NI PXI-5620 Specifications

The following is a description of installation categories:

Installation Category I is for measurements performed on circuits not
directly connected to MAINS


. This category is a signal level such as

voltages on a printed wire board (PWB) on the secondary of an
isolation transformer.

Examples of Installation Category I are measurements on circuits not
derived from MAINS and specially protected (internal)
MAINS-derived circuits.

Installation Category II is for measurements performed on circuits
directly connected to the low-voltage installation. This category refers
to local-level distribution such as that provided by a standard wall

Examples of Installation Category II are measurements on household
appliances, portable tools, and similar equipment.

Installation Category III is for measurements performed in the building
installation. This category is a distribution level referring to hardwired
equipment that does not rely on standard building insulation.

Examples of Installation Category III include measurements on
distribution circuits and circuit breakers. Other examples of
Installation Category III are wiring including cables, bus-bars, junction
boxes, switches, socket outlets in the building/fixed installation, and
equipment for industrial use, such as stationary motors with a
permanent connection to the building/fixed installation.

Installation Category IV is for measurements performed at the source
of the low-voltage (<1,000 V) installation.

Examples of Installation Category IV are electric meters, and
measurements on primary overcurrent protection devices and
ripple-control units.


MAINS is defined as the electricity supply system to which the equipment concerned is designed to be connected either for
powering the equipment or for measurement purposes.