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NI PXI-562x User Manual

About This Manual

The NI PXI-562x is a single-channel high-speed digitizer module whose
dynamic range and resolution are optimized for frequency-domain analysis
applications in research, product design and validation, and manufacturing
test. This manual provides information on installing, connecting signals to,
and acquiring data from the NI PXI-562x. This manual also provides an
overview of the features, functionality, and use of the NI PXI-562x
high-speed digitizer module.


The following conventions are used in this manual:


Angle brackets that contain numbers separated by an ellipsis represent a
range of values associated with a bit or signal name—for example,


The » symbol leads you through nested menu items and dialog box options
to a final action. The sequence File»Page Setup»Options directs you to
pull down the File menu, select the Page Setup item, and select Options
from the last dialog box.

This icon denotes a note, which alerts you to important information.

This icon denotes a caution, which advises you of precautions to take to
avoid injury, data loss, or a system crash.


Bold text denotes items that you must select or click in the software, such
as menu items and dialog box options. Bold text also denotes parameter


Italic text denotes variables, emphasis, a cross reference, or an introduction
to a key concept. This font also denotes text that is a placeholder for a word
or value that you must supply.


Text in this font denotes text or characters that you should enter from the
keyboard, sections of code, programming examples, and syntax examples.
This font is also used for the proper names of disk drives, paths, directories,
programs, subprograms, subroutines, device names, functions, operations,
variables, filenames and extensions, and code excerpts.