HVD2085 User Manual

Page 23

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Bookmark Feature

The bookmark function is used to create a book mark (time stamp) in the

content that you are playing.

You can return to a book mark at any stage by using the call bookmark


A maximum of six bookmarks can be created.

Press the AUDIO button repeatedly to select the desired language and

press ENTER to start playing the selected Audio language

The bookmark Menu:

To play the book mark, select the [>] play icon and press enter. To delete a bookmark, Select

the Trashcan icon and press enter. Pen icons indicate unused book marks.

Bookmark Setup

1. Press DISPLAY on the remote control and use cursor keys to highlight the bookmark

options. Press ENTER to display the menu

2. Select a bookmark that is not yet used. The current play time (play time elapsed) will be

displayed beside the bookmark.

3. When you reach the desired point for the bookmark, press ENTER. The bookmark is now


Clear Bookmark

Bookmarks are automatically cleared when the disc is ejected or the player is switched off.

To clear a disc while still playing:

1. While playing a disc, press DISPLAY.

2. Use the cursor keys to highlight the Bookmark menu and press ENTER to open the sub


3. Use the cursor keys to highlight the Trashcan icon to the left of the book mark and press

ENTER. This clears the bookmark and makes it available for reuse