HVD2085 User Manual

Page 24

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Multi-angle playing

1. Some DVD discs have multi-angle view options. You can select different

viewing angles using the Multi-Angle play function. If the disc does not

support multi angle, this feature will not be available.

2. If the disc does support multi angle, Press ANGLE and the multi-angle

icon will be displayed as well as the current angle. E.g. 1/4 means the

current viewing angle is 1 out of 4 available.

3. Press ANGLE again to switch to other angles or use [up] [down] to select


Play Mode

When playing a disc, using the OSD menu you can choose from the following

Playing Modes - Normal, Random or Program.

1. Normal: Play the disc according to the recording sequence from start to


2. Random: Randomly play disc content.

3. Program: Edit the play list and play the disc content in the order you


Random Play

1. While playing a disc press DISPLAY

2. Use the cursor keys to highlight the playing options.

3. Press [Up] [Down] to select Random play and press ENTER. To switch

back to normal play mode, repeat steps 1-3 and select Normal play

instead of Random.