HVD2085 User Manual

Page 28

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Play mode menu.

To change the playing mode it is necessary to have a disc loaded in the player.

Normal Play:

This is the default play mode of the player. Normal mode plays the disc according to the

recording sequence from start to Finish.

Random play:

This shuffles the playing order of disc tracks or chapters. You can switch Random Play on

or off using any of the following three methods:

1. Press RANDOM on the remote control

2. Press SETUP to access the player setup menu. Enter the play mode options and select

RANDOM or STANDARD play mode.

3. Press DISPLAY on the remote control and highlight the play mode option. Use the cursor

keys to select RANDOM play and press ENTER.

Program Play:

Before using the Program Play mode, you first need to edit a play list. When finished editing

the play list, choose Program Play mode to play according to the play list.

Edit Play list.

1. While playing disc, press [STOP] to stop play or SETUP on the remote control.

2. Press [down] to select playing mode and press ENTER to confirm.

3. Use the direction buttons to select Program Playing list, then press ENTER to confirm.

4. Use the numeric buttons to input your desired chapter / track play sequence and press

ENTER to start playing

5. To stop program play, simply press [Stop] twice. To resume normal play press [Play]