HVD2085 User Manual

Page 26

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Playing MP3

Playing MP3 and music files

When you insert an MP3 disc, an MP3 menu automatically appears on the screen.

Use the cursor keys to highlight the desired file and press ENTER to begin playing the file.

Playing a JPEG file

Open JPEG files using the same procedure for MP3 files (See above).

While viewing a JPEG image, press ZOOM and a red Zoom frame appears. Use the direction

keys to adjust the frame position.

To rotate a JPEG image press ANGLE. Each time you press ANGLE the image is rotated 90


Slide Show Mode

Slide Show mode is used to play a series of JPEG images on a disc according to sequence.

1. Insert a disc containing the images and use the cursor keys to highlight the disc and press


2. To select playing speed use [Up][Down]

3. While the slide show is playing, use [Left][Right] to skip the current image.

4. Press [STOP] to stop the slide show. You can press Root Menu to display disc menu.