HVD2085 User Manual

Page 30

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Display Control

Use the Display menu to setup the Video output of the player to suit the TV or display that

is being used.

TV Image proportion Option

This option is used to select the TV image size. This should be selected to match the display

size of your display.

1. Press SETUP on the remote control and press [down] to highlight the Display option and

press ENTER again.

2. Within the Display options, select the TV image option and press ENTER. Here you can

select different image sizes to output to your TV / display. Select an option and press

ENTER to confirm:

4:3 /PS – Normal setting for 4:3 TV. All Scene image scan output.

4X3 Letterbox – Normal 4:3 TV letterbox output.

16X9 - 16:9 wide screen TV image output.


The image size of a DVD will uesally be printed on the back cover of the DVD case. Content

can be recorded in 16:9 (as is used in cinema) or in normal 4:3 format. Some discs can

record both formats together with all scene image scan output.

With All Scene Image Scan Output, the entire screen is filled but part of the image will be

lost from the left and right sides.