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Discover Network Names

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Getting Started with Observer Modes and


Observer is a large collection of modes and tools useful for diagnosing all

kinds of network problems and understanding how your network is

behaving. Observer contains approximately two dozen modes and tools that

can be configured and combined in hundreds of different ways to help you

understand and manage the network. The following are a few places to start.

Trying out the modes and tools described here should give you a feel for the

design and style of Observer, and give you a good picture of what is

happening on your network.

Discover Network Names

A complete listing of all the stations on the network segment is the obvious

place to start examining a network. The mode that performs this function is

Discover Network Names.

Figure 1: Discover Network Names

This mode captures all network addresses on the segment, stores them in the

filter table, and assigns them aliases. You can manually assign a name to a

network address, or Observer will automatically use DNS names, NetWare

login names, or Microsoft network login names.