Network Instruments Observer User Manual

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Getting Started with Observer Modes and Tools


Observer® Quick Start Manual

For example, consider the appearance and function of Bandwidth Utilization

when monitoring a switch.

Figure 9: Switch Bandwidth Utilization

Compare that to the Bandwidth Utilization window on page 20. Instead of

measuring the gross network bandwidth utilization, Observer is now able to

give the network administrator an ongoing picture of the bandwidth

utilization of the switch on a port-by-port basis and an aggregate “switch


To enable the local probe to monitor a switch:
1. Select

Options > Selected Probe or SNMP Device Properties


2. Click the S




option button.

3. Click O


in response to the message. This displays the switch dashboard.

Supply the required information, including:
• IP address of the switch
• Switch manufacturer
• Administrative password for the switch (or write community name)

4. Select the type of management you want—looping or static monitoring of

selected ports.

5. Click the

icon on the Device Properties toolbar to start monitoring the


You must be connected to the switch to monitor.