Network Instruments Observer User Manual

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Getting Started with Observer Modes and Tools


Observer® Quick Start Manual

Client analysis: Client responds sufficiently
fast. Error conditions on the network:
Excessive retransmissions.

Server analysis: Slow server.

To examine or analyze the conversation in further detail, right-click on it and

select one of the choices from the pop-up window.
• Connection Dynamics will give you a graphic diagram of the

conversation, showing transmissions and responses. Note how the error

packets are highlighted in red. Right-click on any packet to see more

information about it or to zoom the display in or out.

• Time Interval Analysis gives you a tabular view of transmissions and the

delays between them, while Server Analysis affords the ability to analyze

a server’s performance when handling multiple TCP services and


• In What-If Analysis, Observer permits you to use captured data as a basis

for hypothetical network situations, to see what would happen if any (or

all) of the characteristics of traffic on the network—number of users,

packet size, traffic levels—or the network devices (server and/or client

processing time, server type) were to change or be changed.

• Any or all of the parameters can be modified to show the effects of

changes in server or client latencies, utilization, and so forth.