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Real-Time Expert

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Real-Time Expert

The Real-Time Expert enables you to get both an expert opinion as to what, if

any, problems there are on your network, and to create “what-if” scenarios

about the effects of various changes to your network, based on your actual

network data.

The Real-Time Expert is a “for charge” upgrade to Observer. Visit our
Web site at for more information. You
may also call your Network Instruments’ distributor or call your Network
Instruments’ sales representative. In the Americas, Middle East areas,
and Australia, telephone our U.S. office at 1-952-932-9899 or email us
at From other areas, contact our U.K.
office at +44 (0) 1959 569880 or email us at

From the Packet Capture viewer, click on the Expert Analysis tab. The

Summary display contains a list of error conditions found and an Expert

Analysis pane containing a summary of Real-Time Expert’s conclusions about

the problems and possible causes (in the case of a well-functioning network

with few errors, the findings will be brief).

Figure 10: Expert Analysis

To examine a conversation in detail, click on the TCP E


button on the

selection bar and select one of the displayed connections. (If you have any

conversations with a red box in the status column, pick that one.)

Real-Time Expert will analyze the problem and suggest a cause for it. In this

case, the analysis reads: