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1. Remove the main unit with the packing from the box and take off the packing material.

DO NOT DISCARD ANY PACKING MATERIAL. The headshell, counterweight, and other parts are contained

within the packing material.

2. Set the 45-rpm adaptor on the main unit.

3. Set the voltage selector switch to the 110-127 or 220-240V position according to the voltage of power supply. (This

unit has been preset for 110-127V AC).

4. Insert the turntable platter onto the center spindle.


6. Set the turntable mat on the platter.

7. Installing the cartridge: When installing a cartridge, refer to the operating instructions of that cartridge.

During installation, attach the stylus protector to guard the stylus tip from damage.

If you have purchased a unit with the cartridge included then that cartridge is already installed on the headshell

(You may skip to line 8).

(1) Connect the lead wires to the cartridge terminals. The terminals of most cartridges are color coded. Connect

each lead wire to the terminal of the same color.

White (L+)

Left channel+

Blue (L-)

Left channel

Red (R+)

Right channel+

Green (R-)

Right channel

(2) Install the cartridge to the headshell and tighten it with screws provided with the cartridge.

8. Insert the headshell into the front end of the tonearm,

then turn the locking nut clockwise with the head shell firmly

held horizontally.

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