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9. Slide counterweight onto the rear of the tonearm.

Twist it lightly and it will screw onto the rear shaft of

the tonearm.



10. Adjustment of horizontal zero (O) balance with stylus pressure and anti-skating :

(1) Remove the stylus protector, do not touch the stylus tip during the adjustment.

(2) Set the cueing lever to the lower position so it does not effect tone arm height.

(3) Release the arm clamp and lift the tonearm from the arm rest so it moves freely.

(4) Rotate the counterweight until the tonearm is approximately balanced horizontally (floats freely).

(5) Refasten the tonearm with the arm clamp.

(6) Hold the counterweight stationary with one hand and rotate only

the stylus-pressure ring to bring the number "O" of the ring into

alignment with the center line on the tonearm rear shaft.

(7) Rotate the counterweight with scale ring clockwise to the

correct stylus pressure following the manufacture's


(8) Set the anti-skating control knob to the same value as the stylus pressure unless your

manufacturer specifies otherwise

11. Install the dust cover to the main unit. This lid is not designed for continual removal.

If you need to remove the lid press both release tabs at the same time.

Release tab


1. Connect the power cord to the power outlet.
2. Connect the unit's output terminals from the rear of the unit to the
PHONO jack of your DJ mixer or home amplifier/receiver.

Output terminals Phono input of mixer

L (White) -------------->

L Channel

R (Red) ---------------->

R Channel

GND (Spade) -------->


•Notes: Be sure to connect the ground terminal

firmly to the amplifier or receiver. If this
connection is not made or is loose, a power
source "HUM" may result.

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