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1. Push the power button to turn on the power, the speed

indicator and the strobe-illuminator will light up.

2. Place a record on the turntable mat, when playing a 45rpm

record with a large center hole, place the 45-rpm adaptor
on the center spindle.

3. Set the rotation speed (33/45) to match the record.

4. Remove the stylus protector, release the arm clamp.

5. Set the cueing lever to the up position.

6. Press the Start/Stop button, the turntable platter will start to


7. Move the tonearm over the desired groove.

8. Set the cueing lever to the down position, the tonearm will

descend slowly onto the record and play begins.

9. To suspend play, lift tone arm with cueing lever.

10. When play is finished,raise the cueing lever, move the

tonearm to the arm rest, secure the tonearm with the arm
clamp .

11. Press the Start/Stop button to stop the platter rotating,

push the power button to turn off the power.


This unit is provided with a target light for illuminating the stylus

tip during play. Push the target light button, the target light
will be raised into position for illuminating the stylus tip.
When not in use, keep the target light lowered through


The pitch control is variable in a range of +/- 10%. During play,

observe the strobe dots, if the strobe dots appear to the
right, the pitch is slower than the rated speed, if flow to the
left, the pitch is faster than the rated speed, if the strobe
dots appear stationary, which means the platter is in normal
turntable speed. Move the pitch control slider up or down to
adjust the speed.


•Do not place the unit in a location where it will be

exposed to direct sun light or near a heating appliance.

•Do not place the unit in a location where there is high

humidity or a lot of dust.

•Cartridge may pick up slight sound pressure or vibrations

of the speakers coming along the floor or through the
air resulting in howling. Find a location which is very
stable and free vibration.

•The legs have functions for adjusting the height of the

unit itself. Adjust the legs to stabilize the main body


•Clean the stylus periodically with a soft brush to prevent

the accumulation of dust.

•When the sound becomes distorted or noisy, check the

stylus. If worn out, replace it with a new one.

•From time to time, the dust cover and turntable cabinet

should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth. Any volatile
materials as alcohol,thinner, benzine, etc.,may remove
the paint or damage the luster, should not be used.


Turntable section

2-speed, full manual

Driving method

Direct drive


brushless DC motor

Turntable platter

Aluminum diecast 330mm dia.

Turntable speed

33-l/3 and 45 rpm

Starting torque

more than 600g-cm

Braking System

Electronic Brake

Wow and flutter

Less than 0.20%

S/N ratio

55dB (DIN-B)

Tonearm section

Universal s-shaped tubular arm

Effective length


Power supply


Power consumption

20 Watts


450 x 350 x 148 mm
17 3/4” x 13 3/4” x 5 7/8”


7.5 Kgs 16 lbs

Specifications and design may be changed without notice

for improvement.

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©1997 Numark Industries