Cleaning the filters, Bottom view – Nikon NP4100 User Manual

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6. Maintenance


Cleaning the Filters

The projector uses three filters to keep the fans free of dust and other particles, and
should be cleaned every 500 hours of operation. In dustier environments, it is recom-
mended to clean the filters more frequently. If the filter is dirty or clogged, your projector
may overheat. When the message below is displayed the filters must be cleaned.

When the Please clean filter message is displayed, please clean or replace
all three filters at the same time to synchronize the hours used display.
The Filter Message item should be enabled in the Options menu. Refer to Op-
tions on page



Refer to the following guide to clean the filters.


Lift the projector to
expose the underside to
locate the first filter.
See the drawing on the

Note: Only clean the out-
side of the exhaust vents
with a vacuum cleaner.

Bottom view


The left-hand filter can be
accessed as shown.