Troubleshooting check list, Other – Nikon NP4100 User Manual

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9. Troubleshooting Check List



Remote control does not work.

No obstacles between the sensor of the projector
and the remote control.

Projector is placed near a fluorescent light that can
disturb the infrared remote controls.

Batteries are new and are not reversed in installa-

If present on the remote control, projector selector
switch is not used.

Buttons on the projector cabinet do not work (only
models with the Control Panel Lock function).

Control Panel Lock is not turned on or is disabled in
the menu.

Still unchanged even though you press and hold the
EXIT button for a minimum of 10 seconds.

In the space below please describe your problem in detail.

Information on application and environment where your projector is used


Model number:

Serial No:

Date of purchase:

Lamp operating time (hours): Lamp Mode: Normal Eco

Information on input signal:

Horizontal synch frequency [ ] kHz

Vertical synch frequency [ ] Hz

Synch polarity H (+) (–)

V (+) (–)

Synch type Separate Composite

Sync on Green

STATUS Indicator:

Steady light Orange Green

Flashing light [ ] cycles

Remote control model number:

Installation environment

Screen size: inch

Screen type: White matte Beads Polarization

Wide angle High contrast

Throw distance: feet/inch/m

Orientation: Ceiling mount Desktop

Power outlet connection:

Connected directly to wall outlet

Connected to power cord extender or other (the number

of connected equipment______________)

Connected to a power cord reel or other (the number

of connected equipment______________)