Replacing the lamps – Nikon NP4100 User Manual

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6. Maintenance


Replacing the Lamps

When a lamp reaches the end of it’s usable life, the following message is displayed. Re-
place the lamp.

The projection lamps should be replaced when they burn out. They should only be re-
placed with a certified replacement part (NP12LP), contact your local dealer if unsure.


1. Lamps are positioned differently. Take care not to force the lamps when replac-

2. Installation of both lamp modules (Lamp 1 and Lamp 2) is required to operate
the projector in dual or single lamp mode. If only a single lamp module is installed,
the projector's lamp will not turn on and will appear as a lamp failure

3. Lamps last approximately 2000-2100 hours (3000-3100 hours in Eco mode)
and the End of lamp life message is displayed during the lamps' final 100 hours of
operational life. Please replace during 2000-2100 hour.


1. The lamp contains a certain amount of mercury and should be disposed of ac-
cording to local ordinance regulations.

2. Avoid touching the glass surface of the new lamp: doing so may shorten its op-
eration life.

3. If the lamp’s useful life ends and projector could not turn on over 2100 hours,
please have the projector serviced.

The projector turns off and goes into standby mode after 2100 hours (up to 3100
hours in Eco mode) of service. In this condition you cannot clear the lamp hour
meter using the menu. Should this condition exist, press the HELP button on the
remote control for 10 seconds to reset the lamp clock back to zero.
Ensure the lamp is replaced before performing this operation.