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Restoring Factory Defaults

This feature will reset the Modem to its factory default configuration. Occasions may present
themselves where you need to restore the factory defaults on your modem. Typical situations

You have lost your username and password and are unable to login to the modem.

You have purchased the modem from someone else and need to reconfigure the device to

work with your ISP.

You are asked to perform a factory reset by a member of the NetComm Support staff.

In order to restore your modem to its factory default settings, please follow these steps:

Ensure that your Modem is powered on (for at least 10 seconds).

Use a paper clip or a pencil tip to depress the reset button for ten seconds and release. At

this point, the reset is in progress. Do not power off the unit at this point.

When indicator lights return to steady green, reset is complete. The default settings are

now restored. The entire process takes about 45 seconds to complete.

Once you have reset the modem to its default settings you will be able to access the

device's configuration web interface using with username 'admin' and
password 'admin'.