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NB5 Quick Start Guide


Configuring your NB5

You will need to log directly into the configuration page of the modem and configure the basic
settings for your Internet connection. Your ISP should provide you with the necessary information to
complete this step.

The settings that you most likely need to change to access the Internet are grouped onto a single
EasyConfig page.

To configure your modem follow the steps below:


Ensure that your PC is setup as a DHCP client. Refer to the Computer Hardware
Configuration section for instructions on how to set this up with different Operat-
ing Systems.

1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. An autorun screen will appear. Click on Con fig-

ure Modem.

(Alternatively, if the CD-ROM is not available, you can open a web browser and type in the location bar to access the modem’s EasyConfig setup screen

2. The login page will be displayed. Enter the modem’s username and password.

The default username is admin.
The default password is admin.



Log In.

3. The EasyConfig page will be displayed.