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RJ11 connector and cable

An RJ-11 connector is the small, modular plug used for most analog telephones. It has six pin slots
in the head, but usually only two or four of them are used.

Figure 5

605 to RJ-11 adapter

The 605 to RJ-11 adaptor is provided to comply with the older 610 Telstra wall
socket. The 605 to RJ-11 adapter may be used to convert the supplied RJ-11
cable, if the older connection is required.

USB cable

A typical USB cord has an “A” connection (“upstream” to plug into the computer) and a “B”
connection (“downstream” to plug into the device).

By using different connectors on the upstream and downstream ends, cable connection is simplified.
The “B” connection will fit a into the “B” socket of any USB device. Similarly, any “A” connector
can be plugged into any “A” socket, such as on a computer.

If it is a new device, the operating system auto-detects it and asks for the driver disk. If the device
has already been installed, the computer activates it and starts talking to it. USB devices can be
connected and disconnected at any time.

“A” Connection

“B” Connection

RJ-11 Connector

Pin Assignment

Normal Assignment

1 Not


2 Not


3 Line
4 Line
5 Not


6 Not