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Thank you for purchasing the NetComm NB5 ADSL/ADSL2 Modem Router. NetComm
brings you the Next Generation of ADSL technology with ADSL-2*, which boosts ADSL’s
performance, improves interoperability, and supports new applications, services and deploy-
ment conditions.

NetComm’s implementation of ADSL-2* and ADSL-2+* ensures that the NB5 operates with
existing ADSL services while delivering optimal performance in all modes of operation. Pow-
ered by the latest ADSL-2* TI chipset, NetComm’s NB5 increases downstream data rates by
up to 50% (12Mbps) and 100% (25Mbps) for ADSL2 Plus* mode ensuring that you can surf
the net or down load your files quicker than ever before.

Security is a key issue with Broadband users and NetComm’s NB5 does not leave you
exposed. Employing the latest Active Firewall technology, the NB5 checks every packet of
data that comes in ensuring your defences are rock-solid against hackers, unauthorised entries,
probes and even Denial of Service attacks. What’s more, the NB5 is equipped with a VPN
pass-through feature allowing you to use a standard VPN client for Point-to-Point communica-
tion even while your Firewall is active.

The NB5 delivers the connection versatility needed to cater for today’s ADSL users. You can
simply attach the NB5 to a single PC by using the USB port or Ethernet port.

The NB5’s Port Forwarding and UPnP functions have made it easier for today’s Internet users
to configure and setup the myriad of Network Port Rules needed by Internet applications such
as On-Line Gaming, Peer-To-Peer file sharing and Messenger services to operate. NB5 has a
number of pre-configured rules for several games, just click on the game you wish to play on-
line and the rest is done for you.

Added to this, the NB5 introduces a QoS (Quality of Service) feature that gives you control
over which types of outgoing data are given priority by the router. With QoS you can tailor
your router settings to ensure that you can keep gaming or browsing even though your up-
stream bandwidth may be saturated by applications such as Peer-To-Peer file sharing.

* Your ISP must support and provide you with an ADSL-2 or ADSL-2+ service for these features to be available. This
product will operate as a standard ADSL Modem Router when an ADSL-2 service is not available.

This reference manual assumes that the reader has an installed Ethernet card in the computer to be connected and
has basic to intermediate computer and Internet skills. However, basic Computer Networking, Internet, and Firewall
technology information is available from the NetComm Web site. See www.netcomm.com.au.