Care and maintenance – Verilux VH07 User Manual

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Cleaning the Inlet

If the inlet is blocked by dust, completely remove the

foreign materials – after first turning the vacuum OFF.
A blocked inlet may result in weakened suction and noise.

If the inlet is blocked, there is also a risk of damage or

malfunction caused by overheating.

Care and Maintenance

Figure 3


Collection Cup

Lock Button





Figure 4

Figure 5

Outer Filter

Inner Filter

Emptying the Collection Cup

1. Disconnect the handheld vacuum cleaner from

the base unit by pressing the release lever at

the rear of the base unit and lifting up.

2. Press the collection cup lock button to

release the collection cup from the vacuum

(see Figure 3).

3. Carefully pull the filter assembly outward and

remove (see Figure 4).

4. Empty the cup.

Cleaning the Filters

5. Unlock the outer filter by twisting it slightly to

the right, clockwise (see Figure 5).

6. Remove the outer filter by pulling it away from

the main casing.

7. Pull the inner filter out to remove.
8. The filters should be cleaned every time the

collection cup is emptied by tapping them

on the side of the collection cup to release

trapped dust.

9. Wash both filters in lukewarm water on a

regular basis.

10. Make sure the filters are completely dry before


11. Reassemble in the reverse order.