13 troubleshooting – Verilux VH07 User Manual

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Poor Suction

The filter may be blocked.
• Remove and clean the filter.
The collection cup may be full.
• Empty collection cup.

UV-C Light is Not Illuminated

Vacuum cleaner may not be fitted to base unit correctly.
• Ensure the cleaner is securely locked into position.
Safety switch may not be depressed or sensors not covered.
• Sensor switches only operate when the base is level and in contact with the

surface being cleaned.

Safety Switches

The UV-C light will only turn on when the vacuum cleaner is facing downward and

in contact with the surface being cleaned.
On the bottom of the base unit, there is a pressure sensitive wheel. The wheel is

activated when it contacts a cleaning surface.
Three additional sensors must also be covered for the UV-C bulb to work.
Do not manually override the pressure sensitive wheel or cover the sensors.