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Care and Maintenance — continued

Avoiding Exposure to Dust

When emptying any vacuum cleaner, it is difficult to avoid exposure to dust. If you

are an allergy sufferer or sensitive to dust, you can minimize this risk.
1. Place the collection cup in a large bag, and close the bag as tightly as

possible around the cup before emptying it.

2. Remove the collection cup, close the bag tightly and dispose of immediately.
You might also consider wearing disposable gloves and a facemask while

emptying the collection cup. Or, ask a non-allergy sufferer to empty the cup when

It is important to empty the collection cup and clean the filters regularly. If this is

not done, the cleaner will lose its effectiveness.
We recommend that you empty and clean the vacuum after each use.

Cleaning the UV-C Bulb

During use, dust may collect on the protective cover and the UV-C bulb, which

will reduce the effectiveness of the UV-C light. For maximum UV-C exposure,

clean the bulb periodically.
1. Vacuum should be turned off prior to cleaning the bulb. Detach the protective

grill on the bottom of the base unit by gently pulling up on the two tabs at the

back of the covering (see Figure 6). Set the cover aside and wait for bulb to


2. Using a soft lint-free cloth, carefully remove any dust from the protective

cover and the UV-C bulb (see Figure 7).

3. Replace the protective cover by aligning it, pressing on the rear tabs to snap

them into position and finally pressing down the front of the cover, which will

click into place.

Figure 6

Figure 7

UV-C Bulb