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Replacing the UV-C Bulb

Before replacing the bulb, make sure the vacuum cleaner is switched off and

unplugged from the power outlet.
The life span of the UV-C bulb, under normal use, is 2 to 3 years.
Caution: Use only Verilux


bulbs. Use of an incorrect bulb can result in damage.

To order a replacement bulb, use the Component Reorder form included with this

product, or call Verilux Customer Service at 1-800-786-6850 or visit


1. Detach the protective grill on the

bottom of the base unit by pulling

up the two tabs at the back of the

covering. Set the cover aside

(see Figure 8).

2. Remove the two plastic pieces

that cover the ends of the UV-C


3. Unscrew the screws surrounding

the protective housing.

4. Using a small pair of needle nosed

pliers at one end of the bulb, rotate the bulb

90 degrees and remove (see Figure 9).

Note: The UV-C bulb is housed in a glass

sleeve to protect it from accidental

damage. Remove the old bulb from this

sleeve before disposal.
5. Insert the new bulb into the protective

sleeve and place back into unit

being careful not to handle the new

bulb as fingerprints on the bulb are

undesirable. Rotate the bulb by 90

degrees to secure.

6. Relocate the protective housing and

tighten all screws.

7. Relocate the protective grill and snap back

into place.

Figure 9

Figure 8