9mattress / bedding cleaning guidelines – Verilux VH07 User Manual

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Mattress / Bedding Cleaning Guidelines

In order for the UV-C light to be fully effective against bacteria and other

pathogens, the area to be cleaned must be exposed for a sufficient time.
We suggest the following guidelines:
• Start in one corner of the bed.
• Keep the vacuum flat against the mattress.
• Move the vacuum in a smooth and steady motion.
• To make sure that every part of the mattress is exposed, follow a

predetermined pattern.

• With double (or larger) beds, clean one side of the bed at a time.
• If possible, clean both sides of the mattress.
• With a used mattress, clean on a daily basis for seven days, then as much

as once a week, at least once a month. With a new mattress, once a month

cleaning is usually sufficient.

• If cleaning carpets using the UV-C head, follow a similar method.