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Initial Set-up

Vacuuming with UV-C

1. Attach the vacuum cleaner to

the base unit. Insert it into the

base unit and then press the

rear down firmly. Press lever

down when docking vacuum.

Then pull up until lever clicks

twice to lock (see Figure 1).

2. Turn on the cleaner using the

on/off switch.

The UV-C bulb will turn on when

the UV-C safety switch is in

contact with the surface to be

cleaned. You can confirm that the

UV-C light is on by checking the

confirmation windows on the top of the unit (A).
Avoid vacuuming fine dust, such as cement and plaster, as this will block the

filters. If fine dust is picked up, the filters, collection cup and tools must be

thoroughly cleaned immediately after use.

CAUTION: Direct exposure to UV-C light can cause serious skin burn and

eye inflammation from short wave ultraviolet radiation. Radiation from this

bulb is harmful to the eyes and skin.

CAUTION: Do not override the safety switches manually.
CAUTION: Do not attempt to pick up large or sharp objects as these may

cause damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Using the Handheld Vacuum Only

1. Turn the cleaner off using the on/off


2. To remove the cleaner from the base,

press the lever at the rear of the

vacuum base (see Figure 1).

3. Lift the handheld vacuum from the


Certain tasks may require the use of the

nozzle or brush attachments. These tools

are stored in the base unit (see Figure 2).

Figure 1



Figure 2




and brush