Grounding instructions – Wilton PF3-EZ User Manual

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NOTE: The handle can be pivoted out of the
way if necessary. Lift up on the handle,
rotate the handle on its pin, then release the
handle, making sure it fully seats itself on
the pin.

16. Mount the stock feeder to the elevating

column by sliding the stud of the stock
feeder into the hole of the pivot joint (Figure
6). Install the remaining flat washer and
handle onto the stud, and tighten the

Grounding Instructions

Electrical connections must

be made by a qualified electrician in
compliance with all relevant codes. This
machine must be properly grounded to help
prevent electrical shock and possible fatal

As received from the factory, the PF3-EZ Stock
Feeder will run on either 230 volt or 460 volt,
depending upon your particular model. Make
sure the voltage of your power supply matches
the specifications on the motor plate of the
Stock Feeder.

You may either connect an appropriate UL/CSA
listed plug or “hard-wire” the machine directly to
a control panel. If hard-wired to a panel, make
sure a disconnect is available for the operator.
The Stock Feeder must comply with all local and
national codes after being wired. If it is to be
hard-wired, make sure the fuses have been
removed or the breakers have been tripped in
the circuit to which the Stock Feeder will be
connected. Place a warning placard on the fuse
holder or circuit breaker to prevent it being
turned on while the machine is being wired.

Refer to “Electrical Connections” on page 25 for
connecting the motor leads.

This machine must be grounded. In the event of
a malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides
a path of least resistance for electric current, to
reduce the risk of electric shock to the operator.
Improper connection of the equipment-
grounding conductor can result in a risk of
electric shock. The conductor, with insulation
having an outer surface that is green with or
without yellow stripes, is the equipment-
grounding conductor. If repair or replacement of
the electric cord or plug is necessary, do not
connect the equipment-grounding conductor to a
live terminal.

Repair or replace a damaged or worn cord

Figure 6