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To pivot the Stock Feeder (for maintenance, oil
filling, etc.):

1. Loosen the handle (E, Figure 10) and pull

up on the pin (F, Figure 10).

2. Pivot the Stock Feeder into position. (NOTE:

At 90 degrees of pivot, as shown in Figure
10, the pin will lock into place.)

3. Re-tighten the handle (E, Figure 10).

Operating Controls


The control switch is shown in Figure 11. The
switch can be set to either Forward or Reverse
(the arrows on the switch label reflect the
direction of roller rotation).

Never put the stock feeder

into reverse while the table saw blade is still
rotating. Failure to comply may cause stock
kickback and personal injury.

Speed Selection

The speed, or feed rate of the Stock Feeder is
variable, ranging from 6.5 to 66 feet per minute.
The speed is adjusted by setting the control
switch (Figure 11) and rotating the transmission
knob, shown in Figure 12. Rotating the
transmission knob clockwise decreases the
speed, counterclockwise increases it.

The speed is established when the edge of the
transmission knob lines up with the appropriate
line on the speed scale. See Figure 12. The
speed scale is graduated in feet per minute, and
meters per minute.

The transmission knob should only be adjusted
when the Stock Feeder is operating; that is,
when the control switch is in either forward or


IMPORTANT: Before operating the Stock
Feeder, you should be thoroughly familiar with
the safety and operating instructions that
accompanied your table saw.

Keep hands away from

rollers and blade area during operation.
Failure to comply may cause injury.

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12