Assembly – Wilton PF3-EZ User Manual

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Tools needed for assembly (not provided):

Electric drill
center punch and hammer
10.5mm drill bit
M12 x P1.75 tap
12mm and 19mm wrenches
4mm hex wrench

Hardware needed for assembly (not provided):

4 M12 flat washers
4 M12 x P1.75 hex cap screws (length will

depend upon thickness of saw table)

Exposed metal areas of the Stock Feeder have
been factory coated with a protectant. This
should be removed with a soft cloth dampened
with kerosene or mineral spirits. Do not use
gasoline, acetone or lacquer thinner for this
purpose. Do not get solvents near plastic or
rubber parts, and do not use an abrasive pad
because it may scratch metal surfaces.

The Stock Feeder should be mounted securely
to a table saw in a well-lit area. Leave enough
space around the work area for loading and off-
loading stock and general maintenance.

The stock feeder and the

table saw to which you are mounting it
should both be disconnected from power
during installation.

1. Determine the mounting location for the

stand. Keep in mind the overall length of the
horizontal arm, so that after it is mounted to
the stand it will have enough adjustment for
positioning the Stock Feeder.

2. Use the provided boring template to find the

centerline spacing for the holes in the base
of the stand. Clean the table surface, then
remove the backing from the boring
template and carefully stick the boring
template into place on the mounting surface.
(NOTE: This template is also on page 27.)

3. Center punch and drill four 10.5 mm

diameter holes in the surface, then tap the
holes with M12 x P1.75 threads.

4. Peel off the boring template and discard.

5. Place the stand in position, align the four

holes in the stand with the holes in the table,
and insert four M12 hex cap screws with
four M12 flat washers (not provided). See
Figure 1.

Figure 1