Wilton PF3-EZ User Manual

Page 16

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Fill the oil reservoir about every 1,000 hours or
six months, or sooner if needed. To fill with oil:

1. Pivot the Stock Feeder so that the rollers

are facing down. See Figure 19.

2. Unscrew and remove the two socket head

cap screws on the back cover with a 5mm
hex wrench, and remove the back cover
(Figure 19).

3. Unscrew the oil cap (Figure 19) and pour a

good quality general purpose oil into the
hole. Do not overfill.

4. When finished, install and tighten the oil

cap, and install the back cover.

Lubricate the drive chains (Figure 19) with good
quality all-purpose grease every 3 months, or
more frequently if needed.

The exposed metal of the horizontal arm and
elevating column should be kept clean and free
of rust. Occasionally wipe them down with a soft
cloth and apply a light coat of oil to these areas.

Apply a light amount of grease to the rack on the
horizontal arm.

Figure 19