Maintenance – Wilton PF3-EZ User Manual

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1. Loosen and remove the hex nut and flat

washer on the roller shaft with a 24mm

2. Remove the outer roller.

3. Install a spacer on the shaft and flush

against the inner roller as shown in Figure

4. Re-install the outer roller.

5. Install the flat washer and hex nut and

tighten with wrench.

6. Repeat for the other rollers if needed.


Before performing any

maintenance on the Stock Feeder,
disconnect it from the electrical supply by
pulling out the plug or switching off the
breaker. Also make sure the table saw is
disconnected from power.

If the power cord is worn, cut, or damaged in
any way, have it replaced immediately.


The polyurethane rollers should be kept clean of
grease, sawdust and other debris. Use a soft
cloth with soap and water to wipe down the
rollers. DO NOT use a solvent on the rollers.

The rollers can be removed from the Stock
Feeder for replacement or maintenance
purposes. To remove a roller, loosen and
remove the hex nut and flat washer (Figure 15)
with a 24mm wrench and pull the roller(s) off the

Drive Belt Replacement

1. Remove the guard cover (Figure 16) by

loosening and removing the three socket
head cap screws with a 5mm hex wrench.

2. Remove the old belt from around the pulley

and install the new belt.

3. Re-install the guard cover, making sure the

keyway on the shaft pulley aligns with the
key on the shaft.


Every 200 hours, or 30 days, insert grease into
the two grease fittings on the end of the Stock
Feeder (Figure 17), and the grease fittings on
the tip of each sprocket shaft located inside the
housing (Figure 18).

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18