Save these instructions – Wilton PF3-EZ User Manual

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21. Make your workshop child proof with padlocks, master switches or by removing starter keys.

22. Give your work undivided attention. Looking around, carrying on a conversation and “horse-play” are

careless acts that can result in serious injury.

23. Maintain a balanced stance at all times so that you do not fall or lean against moving parts. Do not

overreach or use excessive force to perform any machine operation.

24. Use the right tool at the correct speed and feed rate. Do not force a tool or attachment to do a job for

which it was not designed. The right tool will do the job better and safer.

25. Use recommended accessories; improper accessories may be hazardous.

26. Maintain tools with care. Keep tools sharp and clean for the best and safest performance. Follow

instructions for lubricating and changing accessories.

27. Turn off the stock feeder and the table saw before cleaning. Use a brush or compressed air to

remove chips or debris — do not use your hands.

28. Do not stand on the machine. Serious injury could occur if the machine tips over.

29. Never leave the machine running unattended. Turn the power off and do not leave the machine until it

comes to a complete stop.

30. Remove loose items and unnecessary work pieces from the area before starting the machine.

Familiarize yourself with the following safety notices used in this manual:

This means that if precautions are not heeded, it may result in minor injury and/or

possible machine damage.

This means that if precautions are not heeded, it may result in serious injury or possibly

even death.