Wizcom Pen Scanner User Manual


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German Reading Pen

Operation Manual

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Congratulations on your choice of WizCom's state-
of-the-art Reading Pen


Now you can scan a wide variety of printed
German texts and have the words you scanned
read quickly aloud to you or look up their dictionary
definitions from the Duden Deutsches

For easy reading, use the Pen to scan entire lines
of text, hear the lines read aloud, view selected
words in a large-type image, view the syllable
breaks, spell out the words aloud, view the
dictionary definitions of the words and read out the
definitions aloud. The Reading Pen also enables
you to select a word from within the definition and
look that word up in the dictionary.

The Pen reads out through its built-in speaker or
through the earphones included in the package.
You can adjust the volume, pitch and speed of the
reading voice to suit your specific needs.
(IMPORTANT: please lower the volume control
before using the earphones to prevent ear

The Reading Pen offers you a wealth of
opportunities for making reading a more enjoyable
and satisfying experience.