Yeoman YM-CL8HB User Manual

Yeoman cl, Instructions for use, installation and servicing, High output boiler stove

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PM442 Issue 2 (October 2010)


This appliance will become hot whilst in operation, it is therefore recommended that a suitable guard should be used for the

protection of young children, the elderly or infirm. Do not attempt to burn rubbish in this appliance.

Please read these Instructions carefully before installation or use.

Keep them in a safe place for future reference and when servicing the fire.

The commissioning sheet found on page 3 of these instructions should be completed by the Installer.

Instructions for Use,

Installation and Servicing

For use in GB & IE (Great Britain and Republic of Ireland).

This appliance has been certified for use in countries other than those stated. To install this appliance in these countries, it is essential to obtain the translated

instructions and in some cases the appliance will require modification. Contact Stovax for further information.

Yeoman CL

High Output Boiler Stove