Swarovski Optik CL Pocket User Manual

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maintenance and care

Lens-cleaning cloth

You can clean high sensitive lens surfaces with
the enclosed special cloth made of micro-fibres. It
is suitable for objective lens, ocular lens and eye-
Please keep the cloth clean, as dirt can damage
the lens surface. If the cloth gets dirty, it can be
washed in luke-warm soapy water and air-dried.
Please use it exclusively for cleaning lens sur-


We have designed all elements and surfaces

to require little care. To ensure the long-lasting
optical brilliance of your binocular, you should
keep the glass surfaces free of dirt, oil and grease.
When cleaning the lenses, first remove larger par-
ticles with an optical lens brush. For the subse-
quent thorough cleaning we recommend breathing
onto the lens surface to form a coat of condensa-
tion and then cleaning it with a soft, moist cloth.
The housing is best cleansed with a soft, moist
cloth (don’t use the lens-cleaning cloth).

Dioptric compensation

To achieve optimal image quality, the possibly
varying visual acuity between the left and right eye
must be corrected.

Use with equal acuity of both eyes:

The dioptric compensation
is set to “zero”.

Use with varying acuity of both eyes:
1. Look through the left ocular with your left eye

and turn the focusing wheel to focus sharply on
a selected object.

2. Now, using your right eye, look at the same

object through the right eyepiece and use the
dioptric compensation to set the optimal image