Dexter Laundry T-50X2 EXPRESS (Commercial) User Manual

Page 11

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The following two features are available in the dryer. Disconnect power from the machine for two minutes before

modifying the machine for either option.

Anti-Wrinkle Option

The dryer is shipped with this feature defeated. As shipped, when the machine stops at the end of the cycle,

the load will sit motionless in the machine until the user removes the load. The feature is activated by removing
the small jumper indicated in the picture. When the feature is activated, it comes into operation at the end of
every cycle if the door is not opened within five minutes after the cycle finishes. At the end of this five-minute
period, the machine will turn on and run for 10 seconds to redistribute the load. This will occur after each 5-
minute interval that goes by without the door ever having been opened for up to 16 times. The opening of the
door any time during this period will prevent any further occurrences for the particular cycle.

Last Temperature Used Option

There is a jumper on the control for this feature as shown on the accompanying picture. As shipped, from the

factory, with the jumper in place, this feature is defeated. This means that at the beginning of each new cycle the
temperature will default to ‘warm or low’ if another temperature isn’t selected by the customer.

If the jumper is removed from the control, the operation is changed, so that when starting a new cycle, the

temperature remains at the last temperature selection used in the previous cycle. This would mean if the
previous customer has used a ‘hot or high’ selection and the next customer didn’t select anything different, they
also would receive a ‘hot or high’ cycle.

FIGURE 5 – Stack Dryer Control Board - Options