Dexter Laundry T-50X2 EXPRESS (Commercial) User Manual

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The sources of all make-up air and room ventilation air movement to all dryers must be located away from any dry
cleaners. This is necessary so that solvent vapors will not be drawn into the dryer inlet ducts. Dry cleaner solvent
vapors will decompose in contact with open flame such as the gas flame present in clothes dryers. The decomposition
products are highly corrosive and will cause damage to the dryer(s) ducts and clothes loads.

4. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS. The electrical power requirements necessary to operate the unit satisfactorily

are listed on the serial plate located on the back panel of each dryer. The electrical connection should be made to
the terminal board, on the rear of the unit, using #10 AWG wire for 120V, #12 AWG for 208-240V (neutral required).

It is absolutely necessary that the dryer be grounded to a known ground.

Individual circuit breakers for each stacked dryer are required. Use 30A circuit breakers for 120V and 20A
circuit breakers for 208-240V. This dryer is adjusted for 120V as shipped. Conversion instructions to 208-
240V (neutral required) are at the end of this booklet.

5. GAS REQUIREMENTS. The complete gas requirements necessary to operate the dryer satisfactorily are listed

on the serial plate located on the back panel of the dryer.

The inlet gas connection to the unit is 1/2-inch pipe thread. However, the size of the piping to supply the dryer should

be determined by reference to the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1A and consultation with the local gas supplier.

A joint compound resistant to the action of liquefied petroleum gases should be employed in making pipe


A 1/8-inch NPT plugged tapping, accessible for test gage connection, must be installed immediately upstream

of the gas supply connection to the dryer.

A drip tee is provided in the unit gas piping to catch dirt and other foreign articles.

All pipe connections should be checked for leakage with soap solution. Never check with an open flame.

For altitudes above 2,000 feet (610m), it is necessary to derate the BTU input. Contact your local distributor for


L.P. gas conversion kits are available for this dryer. Contact your local distributor.