Dexter Laundry T-50X2 EXPRESS (Commercial) User Manual

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7. DRYER IGNITION (SOLID STATE IGNITION): The solid-state ignition system lights the main burner gas by spark.

The gas is ignited and burns only when the gas-relay (in the electronic controller) calls for heat. The procedure for first-time
starting of a dryer is as follows.

A. First review and comply with the "Warnings About Use and Operation" found on the inside front cover of
this manual. Be sure electrical power is connected correctly. The dryer must be properly grounded.

B. Make sure all gas supply lines are purged of air. Close the main gas shut-off valve and wait for five minutes
before turning it back on.

C. Turn on the main electrical power switch. The dryer may be started by following the "Operating Instructions"
found later in this manual.

D. Natural gas and LPG fired dryers operate in the same manner. When the gas valve relay contacts are closed
(indicating a demand for heat), the solid-state ignition control will automatically supply energy to the redundant gas
valve. Sparking will continue until a flame is detected by the sensing probe, but not longer than ten seconds. If the
gas fails to ignite in 10 seconds, the gas valve closes and the gas system pauses to allow gas to purge from the inside
of the dryer. After the pause, the ignition control repeats the ignition trial cycle twice more. If the gas system fails
to detect ignition after the three attempts, the system will "lock out". No further attempts will be performed
automatically. To reset the ignition control electrical power to the ignition control must be interrupted. This can be
done by opening the dryer door (stopping the dryer) for 15 seconds. Closing the door and pushing the "Start" button
will repeat the ignition trial cycle.

8. MAIN BURNER ADJUSTMENT. The primary air shutter of each main burner must be properly adjusted for the correct

air-gas ratio. Loosen the shutter locking screw. Adjust the shutter by closing it sufficiently to give a blue flame with a
yellow tip. Next open the shutter until the yellow tips are at a minimum. After adjustment securely lock each shutter in
position by tightening the shutter locking screws.


To render the dryer inoperative, turn off the main gas shut off valve and disconnect the electrical supply to the