Dexter Laundry T-50X2 EXPRESS (Commercial) User Manual

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Both drums are controlled by the controller at the right midpoint of the dryer. The controller is two-in-one with the upper
display and lights dedicated to the upper drum and lower display and lights dedicated to the lower drum.

The green light to the left of the display flashes to indicate money has been deposited. Time is not added until the upper or
lower drum is selected. If no purchased time is available on the control, the vend price is displayed. At the end of the cycle
(when time has expired), the displays flash until the door is opened.

The drying program (temperature) selected by the user is indicated by the red lights at the top and bottom. When the dryer
is in use, the drying temperature may be displayed by simultaneously pressing the start switch and switch of the temperature

All programmed data and cycle time remaining are protected from power interruptions of any length.


Some Dexter dryers are factory equipped with a card reader that is used with Dexter's Easy Card debit card system. The card
reader signals the dryer control when money is debited from the user's card account to satisfy the price of the dry time. The
dryer's pricing and the Easy Card system pricing are completely independent of each other and must be separately
programmed and coordinated. Refer to the instructions that came with the Easy Card system for complete information.


1. Load clothes into either the upper or lower drum (or both). Close the door(s) completely.

2. Deposit coin or coins equal to or greater than the displayed vend price. Upon deposit of the first coin, the green

light will flash on and off. This light will continue to flash, while additional money may be deposited, until either
the upper drum or lower drum is selected.

3. Select drying temperature by pressing the appropriate switch for the drum to be used. This will put out the green

flashing light, turn on the red light showing the selected temperature and display the amount of time purchased.

4. Press start switch to start drum.


-Opening the door will stop the drum. The drum will restart, if time has not expired, upon closing the door and
pressing the start switch.

-Selected temperature may be changed at any time.

-Running time may be extended by depositing money and pressing the temperature or start switch for the correct
drum. Unless time has expired, the controller will accept coins whether or not the original vend price is equaled.

If time has run out, the dryer must be restarted as it was at the beginning of drying the load, which requires meeting
or exceeding the vend price.