Hydrotech UVSS Series Ultraviolet Water Purification System User Manual

Page 10

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2. Lamp life remaining:

To obtain this reading, press the push-button SWITCH a single time and follow the steps as outlined on page 7, regard-
ing the operation of this feature.

3. Total days of operation:

To obtain this reading, press the push-button SWITCH two times in succession and follow steps as outlined on page 7,
regarding the operation of this feature.

4. Lamp failure (blank screen):

Please refer to page 8 for explanation of this feature.

Note: On the UVSS-M systems, the audible tone provided for lamp failure is a continuous alarm, rather than the intermit-
tent (1 second on, 1 second off) condition on the basic systems.

5. Solenoid Output:
Working in conjunction with the UV intensity monitor, the UVSS-M controller
provides a powered, male IEC, solenoid (line outage) connection (note: this
is NOT a dry contact). In addition, this solenoid connection is protected with
a replaceable 2 amp isolated fuse. When the UV intensity monitor senses
that the water is not adequately being treated and drops to 49% UV intensity
or below, the internal relay is opened thereby stopping AC power flowing to
the normally closed solenoid valve. The valve will remain closed (no power)
until the UV level rises above 49%, at which time the solenoid will open,
allowing for water to pass through. To temporarily defer the operation of this
solenoid output for up to 12 hours, please refer to the instructions outlined
on page 8 of this manual.


DURING BYPASS, the water should NOT be consumed until the

system has returned to a safe condition.



Solenoid Installation


LED display reads “A3”

• lamp life expired - countdown is at “0” days
• press reset button for a deferred alarm, replace UV lamp

LED display is blank

• controller is in lamp failure mode
• power system down, allowing it to reset itself; apply power in order to confirm that the con-

troller is able to power lamp

• check to see if there is sufficient power to the UV system

Low UV level displayed
on screen

• test water supply to see if water quality meets recommended parameter limits
• clean quartz sleeve and sensor eye

LED flashing “A2” and
then back to UV level

• low UV alarm deferral has been activated
• UV level has dropped below 50% and the audible alarm has been muted by pressing the

reset switch and holding it for 5 seconds

• this audible alarm deferral will only last 12 hours