Installing your uv disinfection system, Conditions for use, Typical installation – Hydrotech UVSS Series Ultraviolet Water Purification System User Manual

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Conditions For Use

Water quality is extremely important for the optimum performance of your UV system. The following levels are recommend-
ed for installation:

If your water chemistry contains levels in excess of those mentioned above, proper pre-treatment is recommended to cor-
rect these water problems prior to the installation of your UV disinfection system. These water quality parameters can be
tested by your local dealer, or by most private analytical laboratories.

Proper pre-treatment is essential for the UV dis-

infection system to operate as intended.

Installing Your UV Disinfection System

Electronic ballast must be connected to a grounded receptacle and the lamp connector ground wire connected to the stain-
less steel reactor chamber.
• The disinfection system is designed to be mounted either horizontally or vertically at the point-of-use or point-of-entry

depending on the specific flow rate of the unit.
Note: The ideal installation is vertical with the lamp connector at the top. This is to prevent water damage from occur-
ring on the lamp pins and lamp connector.

• The ballast should be mounted either above or beside the reactor chamber. Never mount vertically with AC connector

at top of ballast to prevent moisture from running down cordage and causing a potential fire hazard. Drip loops in all
cordage connected to ballast controller is highly recommended (see Figure 1D).

• The complete water system, including any pressure or hot water tanks, must be sterilized before start up by flushing

with chlorine (household bleach) to destroy any residual contamination (see page 4).

• For safety purposes, the disinfection system should be connected to a ground fault interrupt circuit.
• The disinfection system is intended for indoor use only, do not install disinfection system where it may be exposed to

the outdoor weather.

• Install the disinfection system on cold water line only.
• If treating the entire house, install the disinfection system before any branch lines.
• A 5 micron sediment filter must precede the disinfection system. Ideally, the disinfection system should be the last

treatment the water receives before it reaches the faucet.


Note: The UV lamp inside the disinfection system is rated at an effective life of approximately 9000 hours. To
ensure continuous protection, replace the UV lamp annually.

Typical Installation

Figure 1 - Typical installation of disinfection system and the related components that may be used for the installation

Iron (Fe)

< 0.3 ppm (0.3 mg/L)


< 7 gpg (120 mg/L)


< 1.0 NTU

Manganese (Mn)

< 0.05 ppm (0.05 mg/L)


< 0.1 ppm (0,1 mg/L)

UV Transmittance

> 75%**

*Where total hardness is less than 7 gpg, the UV unit should operate ef ficiently provided the quartz

sleeve is cleaned periodically. If total hardness exceeds 7 gpg, the water should be softened.

**Call customer service for recommendations on applications where UVT < 75%.

5 micron





Hot water distribution

Cold water distribution