Troubleshooting – Hydrotech UVSS Series Ultraviolet Water Purification System User Manual

Page 11

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1. Pressure Drop

A. Sediment pre-filter clogged

B. Flow regulator

A. Replace filter cartridge with appropriate 5

micron cartridge.

Note: check source water supply as fluctua-
tions may occur in source pressure
B. Flow regulator will result in pressure drop

when approaching full flow.

2. High Bacteria Counts

A. Quartz sleeve is stained or dirty

B. Change in feed water quality

C. Contamination in water lines after

UV system

D. Possible break-through of sediment

through pre-filter

A. Clean sleeve with scale cleaner and elimi-

nate source of staining problem (ie. soften
hard water, see page 5-6).

B. Have source water tested to ensure that

water quality is still within allowable limits for
this system.

C. It is imperative that effluent water stream be

shocked with chlorine (bleach) before water
leaves UV system - disinfection system must
have a bacterial free distribution system to
work effectively (see page 4).

D. Have source water tested for turbidity - may

need stepped filtration in order to catch all
sediment entering water system (20 micron
filter followed by UV system).

3. Heated Product


A. Common problem caused by infre-

quent use of water

A. Run water until it returns to ambient temper-


4. Water Appears Milky

A. Caused by air in the water lines

A. Run water until air is purged.

5. Unit Leaking Water

A. Problem with o-ring seal (on gland

nut and/or UV sensor)

B. Condensation on reactor chamber

caused by excessive humidity and
cold water

C. Inadequate inlet/outlet port connec-


A. Ensure o-ring is in place, check for cuts or

abrasions, clean o-ring, moisten with
water/lubricant and re-install, replace if nec-

B. Check location of disinfection system and

control humidity.

C. Check thread connections, reseal with



tape and re-tighten.

6. System Shutting

Down Intermittently

A. Interrupted power supply

A. Ensure system has been installed on its own

circuit, as other equipment may be drawing
power away from UV (ie. pump or fridge).
UV system should not be installed on a cir-
cuit which is incorporated into a light switch.

7. Lamp Failure Alarm

On - New Lamp

A. Loose connection between lamp and


B. Moisture buildup in connector may

keep lamp and connector from mak-
ing a solid connection

A. Disconnect lamp from connector and recon-

nect, ensuring that a tight fit is accom-

B. Eliminate chance of any moisture getting to

the connector and/or lamp pins.