Hydrotech UVSS Series Ultraviolet Water Purification System User Manual

Page 8

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1. Lamp Life Remaining (days):

The controller tracks the number of days of operation of the lamp and the controller. The default screen will display the
total lamp life remaining (in days). The controller will count down the number of days remaining until the lamp requires
changing (365 days to 1 day). At “0” days, the controller will display [ A3 ] on the display and supply an intermittent audi-
ble chirp (1 second on, 5 seconds off). indicating the need to change the lamp.
DEFERRAL - Once the “A3” or end of lamp life message is shown on the LED screen, the audible alarm can be deferred
up to 4 separate times. The delay switch is designed to allow you time to address the alarm while you obtain a new UV
lamp. This can be done by simply depressing the push-button “RESET” switch, which is located on the left side of the
controller. Each time the reset switch is pressed the controller alarm is deferred seven days. Once the final 7 day deferral
has been reached, the alarm can be silenced by changing the UV lamp and manually resetting the controller time. To do
this, please follow the step by step instructions below:

a) Disconnect power supply from the controller.
b) Remove expired lamp from the reactor chamber (refer to www.lamprecycle.org for lamp disposal).
c) Install new UV lamp and connect it to lamp connector (refer to page 5).
d) Replace lamp connector.
e) Hold down the “RESET” switch while reapplying power to the controller until you see “rSEt”, then release.
f) 5 second delay will occur until you hear an audible tone & LED display will read [ 365 ] once again.
Once you hear the tone, let go of the switch and the counter will be reset. Even though the alarm on the system can be
deferred for a period of time, it is important to address each and every alarm condition as they are indicating that there is
a potential problem with the system and should be remedied.

2. Total days of operation:

The controller also displays the total running time of the controller. To obtain this reading, press the push-button SWITCH
once. The total running time of the controller will be numerically displayed in days. This information will remain displayed
for ten seconds and will then revert back to lamp life remaining default screen. It should be noted that this value cannot
be reset.

3. Lamp failure (blank screen):

When the system recognizes LAMP FAILURE (no current running through the lamp), the 4-segment display will be blank
(no default LAMP LIFE REMAINING screen) and the system will supply an intermittent audible tone (1 second on, 1 sec-
ond off). The system will remain in this state until the condition is remedied.




Electronic Control Box Operation – UVSS Models