Jungheinrich AMX_10-10e User Manual

Amx 10/10e, Scissor lift hand pallet truck (1,000 kg)

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A single lift cylinder
for easy servicing

Enclosed fork tips

Fast lift as standard
(up to 120 kg)

AMX 10/10e

Scissor lift hand pallet truck (1,000 kg)

The truck can be used as a hand pallet
truck as well as a lift table, supply table
and workbench.
• Steering wheels: Ø 170 mm with a

choice of nylon, rubber or polyure-
thane tyres.

• Load rollers: Ø 82 mm with a choice of

nylon or polyurethane tyres.

• Lift height: Up to 800 mm, with ad-

ditional support legs for stability.

• Lifting and lowering: Manual or elec-

tro-hydraulic with 0.5 kW lift motor.

• Forks: Robust, torsion-resistant con-

struction with closed fork tips.

• Battery (only for AMX 10e): 70 Ah C5,


• AMX 10 with manual hydraulics: The

load can be brought to the optimum
work height with just a few movements
of the tiller. Beyond a certain fork
height, the scissor lift hand pallet truck
is secured by additional support legs.

• AMX 10e with electro-hydraulics: Scis-

sor lift hand pallet trucks are recom-
mended for frequently changing work
heights. The work height can be easily
adjusted at the touch of a button.