Electric oven theory of operation – XLT XD-9007A (ELEC Oven Version – B1, AVI Hood Version – B) User Manual

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has an internal centrifugal switch (S2). The motor is dual voltage and reversible. The voltage to
power the motor comes from the Cool Down Timer (R1), and the motor will continue to operate
for approximately 30 minutes after the main switch is turned off. There are no user serviceable
parts in the motor, and the bearings are permanently lubricated.

M2 - The conveyor motor (M2) is a brushless 24 VDC gear motor. The motor receives current
from the Conveyor Control (CC) through three (3) wires; 1) A black or “W” phase, 2) a white or
“V” phase, and 3) a red or “U” phase. They carry between 18 to 24 VDC. Each wire is energized
by the Conveyor Control (CC) in sequence to provide power to the individual stator coils which, in
turn, provide motor rotation.

To determine the rotors position and send this position to the controller, three (3) Hall Ef-

fect switches are utilized. They read the rotational information from a disc mounted on the rotor
assembly. This information is transmitted to the CC by three (3) wires; 1) an orange “U” phase
pole signal output, 2) a green “V” phase pole signal output, and 3) a green/white “W” phase pole
signal output. These are located in a plug that inserts into the CC. There are two (2) additional
wires in this plug; 1) a purple wire which is supply voltage for the pole sensor, and 2) a gray wire
that is ground.

The CC, using an internal logic circuit, energizes the stator coils to provide proper rotation

and sets the energization (phase) timing to obtain the desired belt speed set on the controller.
The motor drives an integral gear box that reduces the motor output speed to give the correct travel
time to the conveyor belt. The integral gear box is sealed and permanently lubricated with grease.
The ratio is 1/200.

M3 - These Motors have fan blades attached to them that provide cool, filtered air to the control
box components for cooling.

PB - The Power Block is a connection point for multiple wires of different gauges.

PS - The Power Supply rectifies line voltage to 24 VDC, and supplies power to the Conveyor Con-
trol (CC). A 4 amp fuse is used to provide over current protection, which is mounted on the PS
itself. There are no other fuses used anywhere else.

PU - The Pick-Up is physically mounted within the Conveyor Motor (M2) and utilizes hall effect
technology integral to the M2 to monitor the rotation speed. The hall effect signal is transmitted to
the CC, which converts it into linear travel speed of the conveyor.

R1 - R1 is a 30-minute off delay relay which functions as a cool down timer. Applying power to
terminal T6 activates the relay, which sends a voltage signal out from terminal T9. When power is
removed from T6, voltage continues from T9 for 30 minutes. T9 supplies voltage to the Main Fan
Motor (M1) through a Circuit Breaker (CB2), and also supplies voltage to M3. M1 and M3 are the
only components that will continue to operate for 30 minutes after S1 is turned off. The off delay