General – XLT XD-9007A (ELEC Oven Version – B1, AVI Hood Version – B) User Manual

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Technical Support US: 888-443-2751

Technical Support INTL: 316-943-2751

XLT Ovens wants you to be totally satisfied with every aspect of owning & using your

oven & hood. Your feedback, both positive & negative, is very important to us as it helps us un-
derstand how to improve our products & our company. Our goal is to provide you with equipment
that we can be proud to build & you can be proud to own.

To receive technical support for the oven or hood you purchased, XLT has qualified cus-

tomer service personnel that can provide assistance on any type of XLT oven or hood equipment
problem you may experience. Customer Service is available 24/7/365 at 888-443-2751 or visit


Save this Manual

This document is the property of the owner of this equipment.

XLT Ovens reserves the right to make changes in design & specifications, and/or make ad-

ditions to or improvements to its product without imposing any obligations upon itself to install
them in products previously manufactured.

All Right Hand & Left Hand designations in this manual are from the point of view as if

standing directly in front of the glass sandwich door.

Repairs of all electric appliances & ventilation exhaust hoods should only be per-
formed by a qualified professional who has read & understands these instructions &
is familiar with proper safety precautions. Read this manual thoroughly before in-
stalling or servicing this equipment.


This manual, which contains an illustrated parts breakdown, has been prepared as an aid in

understanding how the unit operates, how to diagnose problems, and order parts for the equipment.
All of the parts, listed in the parts breakdown, are manufactured with the same precision as the
original equipment.

XLT parts and service providers are available worldwide. There are authorized service

providers located in the principle cities of the United States. There are also authorized Distributors
located throughout the world.

The Theory of Operation section describes how the unit operates. An understanding of

normal operation will greatly aid diagnosis and troubleshooting. The Troubleshooting section asks
simple yes or no questions. The next question or statement entirely depends upon the previous an-
swer. It will lead to the solution of a problem in the most efficient way. The illustrated parts sec-
tion identifies the various sub-assemblies and detailed parts which make up the equipment, as well
as the part number. An explanation of how to order parts is included.

This manual is designed to supplement the Installation & Operation Manual provided with

the unit when new. Please refer to it for descriptions, dimensions, weights, electrical requirements,
maintenance schedules, and certifications.