Hood service procedures – XLT XD-9007A (ELEC Oven Version – B1, AVI Hood Version – B) User Manual

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Technical Support INTL: 316-943-2751


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Hitachi X200 Restoring Factory Defaults

Access program parameters by pressing the <FUNC> key one time and using the up and down ar-
row keys to navigate to the appropriate parameter press the <FUNC> key again to make adjust-
ments to that parameter by using the up and down arrows. To store the new settings press the
<STR> button one time.

B031 = 01
B084 = 01

After pressing the <STR> key Press and hold the <FUNC> down arrow key and <Stop/

Reset> key all at the same time. Release the keys all at once and the country code
should appear in the display (USA). Hitachi’s factory settings are now restored.

A001 = 01
A003 – USA = 60 Hz. World = 50 Hz.
A082 = Supply voltage at location 200, 215, or 230 choose appropriate voltage.
A093 = 3000
A094 = 01
A096 = 10
B002 = 25
C001 = 02
C002 = 03
C003 = 04
C004 = 05
C014 = 00
F001 = See Figure 1
H004 = 4
B031 = 03

Put controller into monitor mode by pressing the <FUNC> and holding until d001 appears on the

display release and then press the <FUNC> one time. The display should show 0.0.

Put the controller in Run mode by pressing the <RUN> key one time. The Run indicator light lo-

cated next to the speed control knob should illuminate.

Test run the motor by turning on one of the oven/hood switches located on the face of the hood.