Intelligent, economy 2-wire transmitter

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Intelligent, Economy

2-wire Transmitter

86BMQ00007 2009-11


MinIPAQ-HLP is a basic, programmable, non-isolated, easy-to-use

2-wire temperature transmitter intended to be used in industrial


The transmitter is configured from a PC via a USB port, connected

via the INOR USB Interface, by using the ConSoft program together

with the MinIPAQ Soft program.

When the transmitter is set from a PC no calibration is needed.

ConSoft is compatible with Windows 2000 (SP3), Windows XP and

Windows Vista (32-bit).

All necessary hardware and software for configuration are included

in the ICON Configuration Kit, 70CFGUS001.


The user instruction must be read prior to adjustment and/or installation.

All information subject to change without notice.


This product should not be mixed with other kind of scrap, after usage.

It should be handled as an electronic/electric device.,

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Guidelines for ConSoft version or higher.

Before making a configuration of MinIPAQ-HLP you need to do


1. Install the drivers for the INOR USB Interface.

2. Install the PC configuration software ConSoft in your PC.

3. Install the PC configuration software MinIPAQ Soft, version 1.24.00 or

higher, in your PC.

Please refer to “Installation Guide for ICON”, 86BCONF004, for

detailed installation instructions. All software and guides are included in the

ICON Configuration Kit, 70CFGUS001, and can also be downloaded from the

web site

Configuration procedure:

The help files in ConSoft and MinIPAQ Soft contains complete information

about the configuration procedure. Here is a short-form guide:

1. Connect the MinIPAQ-HLP to the PC via the USB Interface.

Configuration can be performed with or without connected power


2. In ConSoft, click on the upper left “Read from transmitter” button.

The software will automatically recognize the connected transmitter

and open the MinIPAQ Soft program. The MinIPAQ Soft program

will automatically find the correct communication port (first time

MinIPAQ Soft is used it will open the Com port selection window).

3. In the configuration window you can set the following parameters:

a. Input (RTD or Thermocouple type)

b. 3- or 4-wire connection (for RTD input)

c. Activation of Cold Junction Compensation (for T/C input)

d. Measuring range in three different engineering units

e. Upscale or downscale action at sensor break or short-circuit

f. Compensation for known sensor errors

g. Activation of a Low pass filter

4. The selected configuration is downloaded to the transmitter by clicking

the button “Transfer to transmitter”. If the transmitter is in operation

during transmission from the PC, the transmitter output is frozen.

When the transfer is complete, the transmitter begins using the new

parameters directly.

DATA (shortform)


See ”Input Connections”

Sensor failure

Upscale, downscale or off

Adjustments - Zero

Any value within range limits

Adjustments - Minimum spans

Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000 10°C / 18°F


100°C / 180°F


2 mV


4-20 mA, temperature linear

Operating temperature

-40 to +85°C / -40 to +185°F

Galvanic isolation


Power supply

8 to 32 VDC

Typical accuracy

±0.15 % of temperature span

Connection head

DIN B or larger