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Notes on Using TX-20

Before Use

Sudden heating of the room in cold areas will cause condensation to form on the optical

component of the nozzle and on optical parts inside the instrument. In this case, wait until
condensation disappears before performing a measurement.

During Measurement

Describe to the patient what to expect during measurement so he/she will not be surprised by

the sudden air puff. Demonstrate the intensity of the air puff by having the patient place a finger in
front of the nozzle and then press the CHECK button.

The measurement unit automatically moves after the power is turned on. Do not prevent

movement of the measurement unit by holding it or placing something near it.
Do not let the patient place his/her chin on the chin rest until the measurement unit stops.

It is recommended that a hard copy of the printout be made if you wish to store it for a long time,

because printouts on thermal paper are apt to deteriorate.

After Use

Turn off the power, put the cap over the optical component of the nozzle in order to prevent dust

from attaching to it, and place the dust cover over the instrument.

During Cleaning and Disinfection

If the surface of the optical component of the nozzle is wiped when dust or dirt is on it, it will be

scratched. Also, do not wipe the optical component with alcohol, including disinfectant ethanol or
silicone-coated paper. Otherwise, the surface will be corroded or stained.

Use neutral detergent for cleaning the outside of the TX-20. Do not use neutral detergent for

cleaning the LCD monitor. See below for LCD cleaning instructions.

LCD Monitor

Approximately 99.99% of the dots in high-technology LCD monitors are functional. About 0.01% of

the dots may be missing or might appear as a bright spot. This is not a malfunction.

The polarization plate on the surface of the monitor is very fragile. Be careful when handling it and

do not press or rub any hard objects against it.

Wipe water or saliva from the polarization plate on the monitor’s surface immediately; leaving it for

a long time may cause distortion or discoloration.

If the surface is dirty, use something soft, such as an absorbent cotton cloth, with a small amount

of ethanol, and lightly wipe it.

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